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Scott's Activity Log​ - WEEK 9


Location: Long Grove, IL (Outside)


I tried my new route today, and man is it tough!  That last couple of miles is BRUTAL with lots of hills and a long incline finish.  I felt pretty good, and was happy to complete the 8.4 miles in a respectable 67 minutes.  I hope someday to be running this route in 60 minutes!  Stay tuned...        


Location: Austin Courtyard Marriott Treadmilll 


I don't know if it was the Austin humidity or the afternoon of travel, but I thought I was going to DIE on that treadmill!  I started out with a strong pace, and just couldn't maintain it throughout the run.  Overall, I still covered a decent amount of ground (so to speak) with a total of 7.46 miles, bringing my two month total to 204.5 miles!  I was glad to make it through the run, and was definitely feeling it in my quads, hamstrings, calfs, and ankles when I finished.  



Location: Lifetime Fitness Treadmill


My stamina was really good this run, although my legs were still very sore from Sunday / Monday.  Training with Joe on Tuesday definitely helped my recovery, but I still have a ways to go before I'm back in peak form.  This time around, I started out with a slower pace and worked my way up, whereas Monday I did the opposite.  I felt MUCH better with this approach, and was able to log another 7.82 miles! 

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