Scott's Activity Log​ - WEEK 8


Location: Lifetime FItness Treadmill


I had another tremendously busy week this week, so I wasn't able to run Tuesday through Thursday. However, I felt pretty good today and was able to log another 8.11 miles.  My speed and distance is improving over time. I'm curious to know how fast and how far I'll be running at the end of this year long journey!  


Location: Lifetime FItness Treadmill


I haven't been so great about updating the website this past week, but I did manage to work in a few runs.  Today I logged another 8.04 miles on the treadmill before catching a flight to Nashville.  This brings the grand total to 172.21 miles!  I feel pretty good about my progress considering how busy I've been the last couple weeks.  It's tough, but I'm hanging in there!  Today's miles were generously sponsored by Julie Davidson.  Thanks Julie for your support!

On the fundraising front, we are at $7,705!  Go team!   


Location: Nashville Marriott Treadmill


I was able to work in a run on the first day of my 3-day Nashville trip!  I think I was a little over-enthusiastic because I started out with a much faster pace than normal and really didn't have the stamina to maintain it.  I spent the entire hour trying to catch my breath and gradually reducing my speed.  I have to admit it was a tough run!  But at least I was able to log another 8.22 miles, bringing the grand total to 180.43.  Let's hope I can get another run in while I'm here!   


Location: Nashville Marriott Treadmill


I'm very pleased to report that I was able to work in another run tonight while in Nashville!  I didn't think I'd have a very good run tonight because I only had a few hours of sleep last night (too much work!).  For this reason, I started off with a slower pace than normal, and much to my surprise I got into my groove and was able to pick up the pace as the run progressed.  When the hour was up, I had chalked up another 8.21 miles and didn't feel too bad!  This brings my grand total to 188.64 miles. 

Today's miles were generously sponsored by Richard Antoine of Magnus Corporation. 

Thanks Richard / Magnus!  

On the fundraising front, we are closing in pon $8,000... with a total of $7,955 raised to date!