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Scott's Activity Log​ - WEEK 7


Location: Lifetime FItness Treadmill


I was disappointed that I couldn't manage to squeeze in a run ALL WORK-WEEK (M-F), but apparently the time off rejuvenated me a little as my speed and stamina were great this run!  I logged 7.97 miles, bringing the total up to 143.49.  Today's miles were sponsored by Vijay Chandrasekaran, Steve Kunz, Peggy Flynn, Lori Spencer, Iris Jasieniecki, Asif Ally, and Dana Merry.  Thank you all for your support!  

As you can see, fundraising has picked up again.  We're up to $7,455 so far!  I need to keep doing outreach on the fundraising front, because it clearly pays off!


Location: Lifetime FItness Treadmill


Whoa!  I felt great running today, and I think this has been my best run yet as far as speed/distance!  I guess it goes to show what a couple of good nights of sleep in a row will do!  Not much else to say but...



Location: Lifetime FItness Treadmill


This was a really tough night.  I went into the gym very tired, and hoped to regain my energy once I got on the treadmill.  But the news on the screens in front of me was filled with terror and tragedy at the Boston Marathon, and I just couldn't bear to watch anymore.  I cut my run short half-way through and went home.  My heart goes out to the victims and their loved ones.  What a senseless and cowardly act.   

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