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Scott's Activity Log​ - WEEK 6


Location: Lifetime FItness Treadmill


I had a really good run tonight... even though I forgot my headphones!  Chalk up another 7.45 miles for a grand total of 120.73 miles to date!  Tonight's miles were sponsored by Jeanne Birmingham and GCG Financial (my first corporate sponsor!).  Thanks for your support!  

Fundraising is clipping right along too!  We're up to $6,655 and still climbing!


Location: Lifetime FItness Treadmill


I had another great run tonight... AND... Lifetime Fitness found my headphones!  Two great reasons to go to the gym tonight!  I logged 7.73 miles bringing the total up to 128.46 miles. 


Location: Long Grove, IL (outdoors)


Looks like I need to find a new neighborhood route!  Last time I ran my "long route" in the fall, I was very happy that I did it in under 65 minutes.  Today I nailed it in 56 mins 41 secs, giving me another 7.06 miles for a total of 135.52!  Since my goal is to keep my runs at one hour or more, I need to do something different moving forward.  I mapped out a new route that's about 8.5 miles... can't wait to try it! 

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