Scott's Activity Log​ - WEEK 52


Location: Life Time Fitness - Vernon Hills (Treadmill)


On the flight back from Argentina yesterday it hit me. A sore throat... the unmistakeable beginnings a cold. All I thought was "NOOOO!  I only have two more runs! I can't get sick now!!!"  So I won't... at least not yet!  I'm in the early stages and I'm not feeling too horrible, so I managed to work in a run at the gym.  It wasn't a bad run either! I added 6.68 miles to my journey, bringing my grand total to 993.51. I'm only 6.5 miles away from the 1,000 mile mark! I'm traveling to Nashville tomorrow and Tuesday, and I can feel this cold coming on with certainty. I JUST NEED ONE MORE RUN! I've got to figure out a way to squeeze it in before this cold takes over.  I can do this!!!     


Location: Brentwood, TN (Outside)


YESSSSS!!!!  I did it!!! My meetings ended a little early this afternoon, and I was able to squeeze in a run before dinner.  I even managed to run outside - although it was a bit chilly (in the 40's).  My cold is definitely starting to take shape, but I must have someone looking over me because it has stayed at bay just long enough to complete my 1,000 mile journey.  With the 6.93 miles I added tonight, my grand total is 1,000.33.  Can you believe it!?  I've just barely made it with 4 days to spare!  I can't tell you how happy and proud I am to have made it to the finish line.  I'll take some time in the near future to reflect on this past year, but for now I'm just going to savor the accomplishment.  ONE YEAR - ONE THOUSAND MILES!  YAY!!!!