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Scott's Activity Log​ - WEEK 50


Location: Life Time Fitness - Vernon Hills (Treadmill)


Last week I only managed two runs, one of which was shorter than usual.  That means my cushion has evaporated!  After working in a 6.99 mile run on the treadmill today, my grand total is 946.52, with a target pace of 945.21.  I'm traveling to Nashville this week, so I know it will be a challenge getting my miles in... which means I need to run again tomorrow NO MATTER WHAT!  It's getting to late in the game to fall behind again, so I have to stay ahead of pace!  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can... 


Location: Life Time Fitness - Vernon Hills (Treadmill)


Another run on the treadmill, another 6.87 miles... bringing my grand total to 953.39.  With a target pace of 947.95, I'm building that cushion back up.  It won't last long though, because I travel tomorrow and have strength training on Tuesday.  So Wednesday's my next opportunity. Three runs a week... that's all I need!          


Location: Life Time Fitness - Vernon Hills (Treadmill)


My strength training has been suffering lately because I'm just wearing myself out with all the traveling and running.  This last stretch is just grueling!  I only have a couple weeks left, and I know they will be tough.  I'm traveling to Argentina next week, and to Nashville again the week after that.  Think I can do it?  YES.  Today's run added another 6.89 miles, bringing my total to 960.28.  With a target pace of 956.16, I'm still staying ahead of the game.  Joe's traveling this Thursday, so I can swap out another strength training session for a run. I need to squeeze in as many runs as I can before heading out of town. Let's do this!           


Location: Life Time Fitness - Vernon Hills (Treadmill)


I always love a four run week! Tonight I added another 7.12 miles, bringing my grand total to 967.40.  With a target pace of 958.90, I've got a nice little cushion before heading out of the country.  Ideally, I'll squeeze in another run on Saturday before I leave for the airport.  That would be ideal.  Bottom line... I need five more runs before the end of the month, at just under 7 miles per run.  Given my hectic schedule in Argentina and then back to Nashville, this will be a challenge!  I think I'm up for it though.  FIVE MORE RUNS.          

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