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Scott's Activity Log​ - WEEK 48


Location: Life Time Fitness - Sumner, NV (Treadmill)


I'm the only person I know who goes to Las Vegas on a Saturday night and heads straight for the gym.  I'm staying at the Red Rock Resort for a conference, and was surprised to discover when I arrived that the gym closes at 7pm.  Fortunately, Lifetime Fitness is literally right next door to the resort, so I headed over there and worked in a 7.12 mile run - bringing my grand total to 914.35.  I was tempted to head to the blackjack tables instead, but this was more important (and a lot cheaper)!  It's nice to get a run out of the way at the beginning of a business trip... it sets the right tone. I'm pretty sure I'll squeeze one more in while I'm here.   


Location: Red Rock Resort and Spa - Las Vegas, NV (Treadmill)


Imagine that! I squeezed in another run today between the conference expo and the networking reception!  This run was at the hotel spa/fitness center... I got there just in time to complete my hour run before they closed at 7pm.  Today's run gave me another 6.95 miles, bringing my grand total to 921.30.  With a target pace of 912.33, I'm really getting in front of the curve!  Let's hope I can keep this up!  After Vegas, I head to Los Angeles.  I'm hoping to get at least one more run in while I'm there.     


Location: Marriott TownePlace Suites - Manhattan Beach, CA (Treadmill)


Last night, after the final day of the conference, I flew into LA from Vegas and drove to San Diego. I had a meeting there this afternoon, and drove back. I was hoping to get to LA early enough to squeeze in a run outside, but I managed to leave my laptop in San Diego, and had to circle back after realizing my mistake (almost an hour into my drive!).  So, it was after dark when I arrived here, and I decided I just HAVE to run tonight. The exercise room was REALLY muggy, so I worked up a massive sweat and thought I was going to drop dead right there on the treadmill! But I didn't.  And I managed to work in another 6.59 miles, bringing my total to 927.89.  With a target pace of 917.81, I'll take it! Tomorrow night I head back home to Chicago. 

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