Scott's Activity Log​ - WEEK 46


Location: Life Time Fitness - Vernon Hills (Treadmill)


Last week was a really busy week, and I was only able to get two runs in.  I've got to average 3 runs per week from here on out in order to make my goal of 1,000 miles in one year.  At this point, it's just a matter of planning and executing.  I have a lot of upcoming business travel, so it will be challenging!  Tonight I logged an even 7 miles on the treadmill, bringing my total to 864.73.  With a target pace of 865.75, I'm just a little behind schedule, but not much. 


Location: Life Time Fitness - Vernon Hills (Treadmill)


I took a day off yesterday... no sense in pushing myself to another injury.  If I can pace myself at every other day (roughly) from here on out, I can do it.  Right now my shins are fine, my quad is fine, and my hip is fine.  My pace isn't too bad either!  I logged another 7.3 miles today, bringing my total to 872.04.  With a target pace of 871.23, I'm barely ahead of schedule again.  Nip and tuck!  


Location: Life Time Fitness - Vernon Hills (Treadmill)


Steady as she goes!  I logged another 7.05 miles on the treadmill today, bringing my grand total to 879.09.  With a target pace of 879.45, I'm BARELY behind schedule.  Next week I'm hosting out-of-town colleagues at the office Sunday through Tuesday, so I'd better get in a couple runs Friday & Saturday to keep myself on pace.  Between all day meetings and evening team dinners, there won't be much time for running!