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Scott's Activity Log​ - WEEK 43


Location: Life Time Fitness - Vernon Hills (Treadmill)


I think the calibration of my watch is going to remain at the slower speeds until I can run outside again... which won't be for a while.  It's hard enough catching up from behind without 'seepage' from my tracking mechanism!  Oh well... I WILL get through this!  Today I logged 6.98 miles for a total of 793.81 miles. My target is 810.96, so I'm back to 17 miles behind pace.  That's right folks... 17 miles. Ugh. I guess I have my work cut out for me during the holidays!  Bring it on!!!


Location: Life Time Fitness - Vernon Hills (Treadmill)


Another meager 6.88 miles today even though the treadmill said 7.3 (WHY, Suunto, WHY???).  This brings my total to 800.69 miles.  Wait... 800 miles?  YES!  Another major milestone!  I'm 80% there!  80%!!!  My target pace right now is 813.70.  This means I'm exactly 13 miles behind. If I can manage a couple of extra runs during the holidays, I can start the new year on pace.  There's a good New Year's goal!


Location: Life Time Fitness - Vernon Hills (Treadmill)


It's Christmas Eve day, and Santa brought me 7.12 miles to add to my journey! OK, so actually I just ran 7.12 miles on the treadmill, and actually it was more like 7.6 miles... but who's counting?  ;-)


Today's miles bring me up to 807.81 total miles, and my target is 819.18 - which means I'm just under 12 miles behind pace.  I think I will take Christmas Day off, but I should be able to get one more run in on Thursday, and then hopefully three more on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before I head up to Green Lake for New Year's Eve.  If I can keep to th schedule, I should be back on track by New Year's.  Wish me luck!  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!


Location: Life Time Fitness - Vernon Hills (Treadmill)


I managed another run tonight after work and logged 7.09 miles, bringing my total to 814.90.  The Suunto tracked almost SPOT ON with what the treadmill mileage showed, so hopefully my days of losing mileage are over.  We'll see!  My target pace is 824.66, so I'm just under 10 miles behind schedule.  If I can run 4 times between now and New Year's Eve, I'll be back on track heading into 2014.  Can I do it???  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...   

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