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Scott's Activity Log​ - WEEK 4


Location: Lifetime Fitness Treadmill


It seems like I'll never shake this cold!  Well, it's not slowing me down too much.  Today I logged 7.24 miles, bringing my total to 74.45 miles!  Most recent miles were sponsored by Brian Leadingham.  Thanks for your support, Brian! 

Fundraising total is now up to continues to make progress as well!  We're now at $5,480!  


Location: Lifetime Fitness Treadmill


Today's run was pretty good, although I didn't have quite as much energy.  I was able to log 6.98 miles, bringing my total to 81.43 miles!

No new fundraising to report.  I'm working on some corporate sponsors, and will reach out to some more individual sponsors as well.  I've also been trying to establish some connections via Facebook and Twitter.  One way or another, I have faith the sponsorships will come!  Thanks to everyone who has supported so far!  


Location: Lifetime Fitness Treadmill


I had a very strong run tonight!  It seems that both my speed and stamina continue to improve.  So far all of my miles have been logged on a treadmill, and I CAN'T WAIT for weather to warm up so I can run outside.  Today I logged another 7.49 miles, for a total of 88.92 miles to date!  Most recent miles were sponsored by Elena Bazanos.  Thanks for your support, Elena!

Fundraising has definitely slowed down.  I'm still working on some corporate sponsors, and will reach out to more individual sponsors as well.  I'll be honest... I haven't dedicated as much time to fundraising as I need to.  I'll focus on that this weekend. 

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