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Scott's Activity Log​ - WEEK 39


Location: Life Time Fitness Vernon Hills (Treadmill)


Lately, Friday night has been my consistent stand-by for working in a run on the treadmill.  Imagine that!  I must be getting old... or boring... or both.  Regardless, tonight's run yielded another 7.31 miles, which gives me a total 730.73 miles.  My target pace is 731.51  Yes... this means I am behind pace again, albeit only slightly.  What are the odds I'm going to surge ahead again in the coming weeks?  Not likely, given the heavy-duty deadlines I have at work right now.  Sigh.   


Location: Life Time Fitness Vernon Hills (Treadmill)


Work is getting the best of me right now.  At least I was able to make time for Thanksgiving dinner with loved ones, and I managed at least two days of running this week.  Today's treadmill run was 6.89 miles, giving me a total of 737.62 miles.  With a target pace of 745.21, I can see that I'm starting to falter again.  I'll be on vacation in Mexico in just over a week and a half, so hopefully I'll make up some ground there.  Gotta keep the faith!!!       

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