Scott's Activity Log​ - WEEK 36


Location: Life Time Fitness Vernon Hills (Treadmill)


I'm finding my work schedule lately is making it very difficult to squeeze in runs during the week.  At least I can pretty much commit to making it to the gym on weekends... but I need to find ways to manage a 4-run week here and there if I ever wan to get back in front of my target pace.  Today's 7.18 miles brings me to a total of 664.26 miles.  My target pace is 676.71, so I still have a lot of ground to cover to get back on track.  


Location: Life Time Fitness Vernon Hills (Treadmill)


Thank God for the weekends!  I worked in another 7.19 mile on the treadmill today, bringing my total to 671.45.  With my target pace being 679.45, I'm exactly 8 miles behind.  My fitness trainer Joe is traveling this week, so let's see if I can squeeze in at least one or two more runs on days I would normally be doing strength training.      


Location: Life Time Fitness Vernon Hills (Treadmill)


OK... This is run #3 for the week so far, and I think I might be able to work one more in. Today's run added 7.31 miles, bringing my grand total to 678.76.  My goal is 684.93, so I'm starting to get within reach!  Let's see if I can get another one in this week.  That would definitely help!   


Location: Life Time Fitness Vernon Hills (Treadmill)


YESSS.... Exactly what I needed... a fourth run this week and a good one at that.  With today's 7.49 miles, my total is now 686.25 and my goal is 690.41.  Once again, my target pace is within reach!  Gotta keep on movin' on...  :-)   

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