Scott's Activity Log​ - WEEK 31


Location: Half Day Forest Preserve, IL (Outdoor)


What another SPECTACULAR day on the trail!  My shin was bothering me more than I would like, but the splendor of the day captivated me and before I knew it I had logged another 7.14 miles.  I wish every day were lke this! 


Location: Life Time Fitness Vernon Hills (Treadmill)


Tonight was a treadmill night, and while I ran a really good pace, my shin was bothering me a LOT.  I racked up another 7.44 miles and hit the ice when I got home!  Gotta stay strong! 


Location: Life Time Fitness Vernon Hills (Treadmill)


Oh boy, each run is getting tougher and tougher!  I ran on the treadmill again tonight, and every step for the entire hour was a burst of pain.  I managed to keep up a solid pace, but it was a struggle.  More icing and stretching... icing and stretching. I've got to work through this!