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Scott's Activity Log​ - WEEK 25


Location: Paradise Valley, AZ (Outdoor)


This was my first run after 2 weeks off, and I had two issues: shin pain (big surprise) and HEAT!  I ran in the morning, and thought it wouldn't be too bad.  According to my Suunto watch, it was 91 degrees... which isn't too bad in Arizona's dry climate.  But perhaps I had too much time off because I thought I was going to MELT!  Oh well, I logged another 6.5 miles.  Going to the doctor on Monday to figure out what to do about my injured shin. 


Location: Half Day Forest Preserve, IL (Outdoor)


I saw the doctor, and he prescribed the following:  Meloxicam, daily icing, and intense stretches multiple times a day. He also said to stay off of it for another week or so, and then resume running very slowly - starting with a few miles and working my way up.  Yeah, right.  The stretches are somewhat miraculous!  They do the trick... so I'm running again!  We'll see how things hold up.  Oh yeah, I also found a new place to run (thanks to my friend Gustavo) - it's the Half Day Forest Preserve.  I wish I discovered this earlier!  It's a dirt path through BEAUTIFUL woods.  It's easier on the legs than my normal neighborhood pavement route (fewer hills, too), and the scenery makes it a real pleasure.  Can't wait to run it again!

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