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Scott's Activity Log​ - WEEK 20


Location: Long Grove, IL (Outdoor)


It's nice having friends visit who are avid runners!  The Laorrs came into town and gave me perspective on what REAL runners consider 'lots of miles'!  They'll run 20 to 35 miles on any given week.  I'm sure they blow through 1,000 miles in well under a year as a matter of course.  For me, it's a little more of a challenge!  Anyway, we all ran our own routes on a beautiful morning before heading out for a day in the city. It was a nice run in my NEW SHOES, and yet my right shin reminded me that it will take more than shoes to heal my lingering injuries.  Sigh.  Oh well... rack up another 7.07 miles for now.   




Location: Long Grove, IL (Outdoor)


The Laorrs were still in town, and we all did another morning run (way to keep me motivated, guys!).  It's getting WARMER out there, and the humidity is starting to rise.  It's going to be a HOT AND MUGGY WEEK this week!  As for running... I have to  say that while I like my new shoes, I'm having real trouble with the pain in my shin.  Not sure what to do about it.  I'm barely keeping up with my miles, and I hate the idea of taking time off.  I don't want to fall behind!!!  For today, let's count another 7.07 miles toward the tally.




Location: Lifetime Fitness Treadmill


It was over 90 degrees, and over 90% humidity today.  That means my run was INSIDE on the treadmill!  My shin continues to hurt, and the first half of my run was fairly painful.  The pain subsided quite a bit once I reached the half way mark, but it's clear something is wrong.  I've been doing new stretches, tibialis raises, calf raises, etc, but I think what I really need is some time off.  I'll take my 7.54 miles for now, and see what the future holds. 




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