Scott's Activity Log​ - WEEK 2


Location:  Lifetime Fitness Treadmill


LESSONED LEARNED:  A late lunch of burger and fries is not a good idea on running night.  I had to cut my run short at just over the half-way point due to stomach cramps.  At least I was still able to log 4.12 miles.  This brings my total miles to 32.29 miles.  I'll take it!   Today's miles were sponsored by... Bob Isherwood, Rob Laird, Neal Acharya, and Scott Braun.  Thank you ALL for your support!

On the fundraising front, things are slowing down a bit, but that's to be expected.  We're still at a VERY RESPECTABLE $3,430, which is outstanding for the first week of fundraising! 



Location:  Lifetime Fitness Treadmill


Today I had a much better run than last night.  I logged 6.78 miles, and only had minor remnants of the stomach cramps that cut my last run short.  I'm very happy that I'm still running ahead of my planned pace.  I hope I can keep it up!  To date, my total is at 39.07 miles. 

Today's miles were sponsored by... Scott Braun and Pam Davis.  Thank you for your support!


Location:  Lifetime Fitness Treadmill


I had another good run this evening on the treadmill!  I logged 6.88 miles, bringing my total up to 45.95 miles.  Unfortunately, I've surpassed my sponsored miles already, so today's miles were un-sponsored!  Looks like I have some more fund-raising to do!  I'll start reaching out to corporate sponsors and "long lost friends" this week.  I have faith we'll get there on both the miles and the fund-raising fronts!  Thanks to all for your support!  We've already raised an impressive $3,430, and it's only been 10 days! 


Location: Philadelphia MarriottTreadmill


I'm SO glad I was able to work in a run while traveling this week!  I logged 6.8 miles on March 13th, and promptly came down with a cold.  I was sidelined for the rest of the week, but hope to resume progress on Monday, 3/18 (cross fingers!).  Sponsors for 3/10 and 3/13 miles include: Doug Ghertner, Susan Johnson, Howard McLure, Penny Hopkins (in memorium), Sara Finley, Kelly Craig, Donna Clements, Dennis Wesel, and Bruce Namerow.  Thank you ALL for your support!

Fundraising continues to remain strong!  As of 3/17 (the time of this entry), we are at $4,780, which equates to 47.8 miles.  We're on pace so far, but we'll need a lot more contributors to reach the goal.  Please help spread the word!  Thanks!