Scott's Activity Log​ - WEEK 18


Location: Long Grove, IL (Outdoor)


You know it's not a great run when I do my SHORT ROUTE!  I was so wiped out this week, and I wanted to make sure I at least reached the 334 mile mark tonight in case I can't run over the weekend.  You see, 6/30 marks the end of FOUR MONTHS, and technically I should be at 334.25 by month end.  After this run, I was at 334.83!  I'm so glad I decided to do the short route because I really don't know that I could have run a step further!  And I'd love to build up a cushion over the weekend, but it's looking doubtful due to a big yard project ahead of us.  We shall see...     




Location: Long Grove, IL (Outdoor)


Obviously I didn't squeeze in any more runs over the weekend, so I ended the 4-month mark RIGHT ON TRACK.  And I couldn't run Mon-Wed because I was traveling Tues/Wed (meetings in the day, flights at night).  SO... in an effort to keep my miles on track AND to keep my strength training schedule in tact, I pulled a double today.  I did strength training in the morning, and ran in the afternoon.  And BOY COULD I FEEL IT when I ran.  I started out strong, but ran out of energy half way through.  I still managed a decent pace, but I was spent when it was over!