Scott's Activity Log​ - WEEK 16


Location: Long Grove, IL (Outdoor)


I like Saturday runs - especially when the weather is nice - because it means I can run a little longer and not worry as much about my pace.  This time I ran the long route, and it felt good.  I'm going to try and run this route more often, as I feel like I'm 'graduating' to the next level!  We'll see how long this lasts.  ;-) 




Location: Lifetime Fitness Treadmill


Tonight I ran at a different Lifetime Fitness (the one near Old Orchard) because I had a conference downtown and wanted to make sure to get a run in on the way home.  I felt pretty good although it was SUPER muiggy out and I could feel it!  I'm just happy I worked a run in even though my schedule is pretty hectic right now!  Chalk up another 7.49 miles!    




Location: Long Grove, IL (Outside)


Wow... this was a really amazing run for me.  I ran the long route again, and had a rather special experience.  As I often do when I run, I thought about David Hatfield.  There isn't a run that goes by that I don't spend at least a few minutes thinking about David... often for motivation, and ALWAYS so I can 'channel my positive energy' his way.  Today's run was no different in that respect except that something seemed different this time.  I felt tremendously strong... almost invincible... and the more I thought about David, the stronger I became.  As I pushed further on in my route, my stride became increasingly powerful and my pace was unyielding.  When I reached the hills toward the latter half of my run - ones that normally tax me to the limit - it seemed as if they were nothing at all!  And all the while... the WHOLE run... I felt as if I was somehow directly connected to David.  Importantly... it didn't feel like it was me channeling my strength to him... but the other way around.  It was as if I could literally FEEL David winning his battle against his Lymphoma, and it felt GREAT!  I know David has been doing extremely well in his treatments over the last couple months... so perhaps I was projecting his recent health victories on myself... I don't know.  Whatever the reason, it was a meaningful experience for me and it's one that I will never forget.