Scott's Activity Log​ - WEEK 15


Location: Long Grove, IL (Outdoor)


I love it when the weather cooperates!  I squeezed in another 7.08 miles outside on my mid-range route.  My pace is remaining pretty consistent, and mostly I'm just cruising along. 


Today's miles were generously sponsored by Jeff Audley and Darrell Cooper!  Thanks for your support, guys!!!


Location: Long Grove, IL (Outdoors)


To be honest, I've been so behind in recording my journal entries, that all I can tell you about this run is what my downloaded data says... that I ran outside for 7.08 miles.  Given the mileage, this is definitely my "mid-range route", but I don't recall the specifics of how I felt that day.  You'll notice that my metrics are slightly different now, as Suunto has done another upgrade to the software.  I actually prefer reporting in MPH better than min/mile because I understand it better! 




Location: Lifetime Fitness Treadmill


Back on the treadmill... which means the weather wasn't good!  This is another entry where I don't recall how I felt that night, but the data tells the story!  6.92 miles at 6.9 mph.  I must have been a little tired that night!