Scott's Activity Log​ - WEEK 12


Location: Long Grove, IL (Outside)


I had a little setback in my running the last couple weeks - first due to my injured foot, which thankfully did not end up to be a stress fracture, and second due to some other exciting life events that took precedence.  But now I'm back on track!  Today I ran a fairly cautious pace and course on an beautiful afternoon in Long Grove.  It was absolutely perfect, and I logged a very pleasant 7.07 miles with no signs of injury.  This brings my total to 227.8 miles!  Today's miles were sponsored by Natalie Pons and Michelle Truelsen (herself a cancer survivor!).  Thanks to both of you for your generous contributions! 


Location: Lifetime Fitness Treadmill


This was my secod day back after injuring my foot, and while I had no pain, I coud certainly feel the difference in my conditioning!  I had a tough time running the full distance!  I hug in there, though...  Today's miles were sponsored by Beth Brinati.  Thanks Beth for your generous contribution!