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Scott's Activity Log​ - WEEK 1


Location:  Lifetime Fitness Treadmill


And we're off! The journey has officially begun! Tonight I logged my first 7.19 miles on the treadmill. The image to the left is a snapshot of my Suunto sports watch metrics, which tracks my distance traveled, heart rate, calories burned, and more.  I'll post a snapshot of my metrics with each of my progress updates.   

We've also gotten off to a great start on the fundraising front!  So far we have raised $2,030, which equates to 20.3 sponsored miles.  That should keep me busy for a little while!  Thanks to all who have contributed! 

Tonight's miles were sponsored by Sid Stolz.  Thanks Sid!  


Location:  Lifetime Fitness Treadmill


Another day, another run!  This afternoon I logged 6.83 miles on the treadmill, for a total of 14.02 miles in my journey.  Today's miles were sponsored by Sid Stolz, Valerie & David Easterday, and Laura Sue, David, Sandy, Dexter, and Kramer.  Thanks all!   

We're also continuing to move forward on the fundraising front!  We have already raised $2,480, which equates to 24.8 sponsored miles.  Let's keep it up!  


Location:  Lifetime Fitness Treadmill


I was able to make it to the gym today for another run on the treadmill before heading to the airport for business travel. Unfortunately, the gym had NO HOT WATER, so I had to take any icy shower after my run!  Nevertheless, I logged another 6.67 miles! That gives me a grand total of 20.69 miles so far.  Today's miles were sponsored by... [Laura Sue, David, Sandy, Dexter, and Kramer], Vera Naputi, Laura Smith, Alicia Harris, Bobbie Bevins, Jamie Martin, Dan & Geri Little, and Tiffany Laczkowski. Now that's what I call teamwork!   [Note: I am traveling every day for the next several days, so I probably won't log any new miles until Friday, 3/8]  

Fundraising totals continue to grow as well!  We are now at $2,730 for a total of 27.3 sponsored miles.  Please spread the word so we can keep the momentum!  Thanks!


Location:  Lifetime Fitness Treadmill


Baby, I feel GOOD!  I logged another 7.48 miles on the treadmill tonight, and I felt very strong!  I'm already starting to have some issues with calves and ankles, so I'll have to be careful about that, but overall I feel great!  Today's miles were sponsored by... Tiffany Laczkowsky, Kay Shafer, Chad Hahn, Doris Mao Lin, Cindy Schlaht, Mark & Wendi Alip, Juliana Condon, Sheri Pruitt, and Ellie Rossi.  Thank you ALL for your support!   

And the fundraising continues!  So far we have raised $3,330, which equates to 33.3 sponsored miles.  I'm starting to creep up on actual miles compared to sponsored miles, so please help spread the word! Thanks!

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