See Scott Run...

Call me crazy, but I plan to run 1,000 miles
between Mar 1, 2013 and Feb 28, 2014,
and I hope to raise $100,000 for LLS along the way!   

For some people, running 1,000 miles in a year is part of their regular routine.  Not for me!  While I do like to run, I don't think I've ever put in more than a few hundred miles in any given year.  Why am I doing it?  I want to show my support for David Hatfield, who has been courageously fighting Lymphoma since September 2012, and for the hundreds of thousands of people like David who are valiantly battling similar forms of blood cancer such as Leukemia, Hodgkins Disease, and Myeloma. 

Their courage and strength inspires me to push myself to the limit to help find a cure for these devastating diseases!   




A Year on the Run...


February 24, 2014:  I can't believe I'm saying this... but I've done it!!! As of tonight, I have reached my 1,000 mile goal, with only 4 days to spare!  It's a blessing too, because I'm catching a cold and I don't know if I have it in me to run even one more step!


I'm so happy and proud to have made it through this journey!  It has been difficult to say the least, and yet it's nothing compared to what David Hatfield and thousands like him go through every year to combat lymphoma, leukemia, and other related blood and bone cancers.  I am so blessed to be healthy enough to complete this unique journey, and I'm honored to do so in the name of David Hatfield.


Now, I ask anyone who is reading this to please take a moment to go to the Home page of this website, and sponsor me in this journey.  It only takes a few minutes to donate, and funds go directly to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Please, please, please do what you can to help combat this dreadful disease.


Thanks to all who have contributed to date! 
Your sponsorship does make a difference...